Tooth decay can have a devastating effect on a person’s oral health. It leads to significant deterioration of a person’s teeth, which subsequently can be both highly visible and very painful. The regular use of fluoride toothpaste and the process of flossing on a consistent basis, coupled with attending your dentist’s surgery on a regular basis, can help reduce the risk of tooth decay, and keep it at bay.

If the levels of tooth decay lead to a full on cavity in the tooth, your dentist will recommend treatments which involve filling that cavity, and sealing up the decayed tooth. In situations like this it is common for the procedure to take place during a normal appointment setting.

The process will involve an injection to numb the area where the filling is expected to take place, careful removal of the decayed tooth material, the actual placement of the filling material, ensuring it is shaped to link up with the other teeth and then the final stage will usually include polishing of the filling to cut down on any uneven edges.

If you feel you may have some tooth decay that is causing you problems in your every day life, arrange for an appointment with one of our dentists at your earliest convenience.

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